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Custom MMD Effects
Please don't use this widget until we have negotiated. Actual effects vary widely in how difficult they are to create. Please send me a PM with your request and we can talk about it.

I expect some token in return, not as payment, but as a measure of your respect for the time I take in making a custom effect for you. This doesn't have to be points, but neither is it a refrigerator drawing. I would expect a larger token from Bill Gates than I would from a ten-year-old from Indonesia.

Many effects will require additional resources such as textures. I will probably provide only demonstration textures for this purpose, rather than perfect textures, with the expectation that you are capable of editing images.

In requesting a particular effect, it's necessary to be as specific as possible. Source images are handy in order to get the look that you're going for.

All effects will be released to the public domain. You are not offering payment for ownership of the effect, but for the time necessary to the creation of the effect.


Sinamuna asked about this yesterday and I didn't really answer because you need pics.  I'm still not answering as well as I should, I feel.

If you're going to model, you need to understand normals.  It's not optional.  They are as important as positioning vertices.  If it doesn't make sense from this, then look it up elsewhere and read more until it makes sense.

The biggest cause of screwed up normals is a discontinuous mesh at a texture seam.  People want to use remove doubles for this, but remove doubles screw up UV (and causes other problems).  Use edit->normals->average near normals (in PMXE) instead.

The other big cause are edges that are part of more than two faces.  Each edge should be part of two faces and only two faces.  You shouldn't need them to behave otherwise, but you can always separate them to a new material if you need.

Using remove doubles injudiciously does this too.  What happens when you have a clothing seam and the vertices are close enough for remove doubles?  You end up with non-manifold geometry.  That's the technical term so you can look it up later.

Edit: I like the text style on this...
Had some ideas for improving physical sleeves.  A lot of physics experiments.  Simply cannot get rigid bodies to weld together perfectly.  And I think there is a teleportation effect after all (lol).  But I also have a solution, which is to use an anchor at the wrist.  With rotation and movement along the arm's axis, this anchor can keep the sleeve oriented to the arm, and help recover from any errors that do occur.  I'm testing this in a simplified form on my 0401 Bliss model via an arm bangle, and so far, it's working.  Not perfectly, mind, but working.  Might be what I need to get more fluid kimono sleeves.
MMD science
Been too long since I did any experiments.  I've racked up a few questions and "what if..."s.  Tests were not conducted in MMD, and there's always the chance MMD behaves differently.

Edit: After creating this, saw a few opportunities for checking.  Redid the density test with pendulums instead of ramps-- mass is definitely mass, not density.  Redid the joint test with joints all going in one direction, got even more asymmetry.

Additional discoveries so far: mass < 0 behaves oddly.  Movement and rotational attenuation are clamped to the range 0-1, so if you enter 2, it won't act any differently than if you enter 1.  Movement attenuation affects rotation around a body, not rotation around itself, while rotation attenuation has no effect on rotation around a body.  Repel is clamped to 0 at the low end, but can exceed 1, leading to increasing energy from collisions.  Repel takes both bodies into account and you can have energy gain when two bodies with repel 1 hit each other.  All of these tests are in PMXE.  I have a few other tests and will update as I can.

Edit 2: More tests.  Replicated in MMD which behaved identically.  Good news.

Did friction tests.  Friction takes both surfaces into account-- perhaps multiplicatively?  Not additively.  Values outside of 0-1 are valid but weird.  Interaction between two -1 surfaces is same as interaction between two +1 surfaces (suggesting multiplication).  Interaction between a -1 and a +1 surface is fucking strange.  Repel looks additive, not clamped to 0; two -1 repel bodies behave the same as two +1 repel bodies; +1 and -1 bodies act like 0 repel.

Some more joint tests.  Unsurprisingly it doesn't matter where the bones are for physics-type bodies.  It has no effect on the physics (can affect the mesh).  What matters is where the joints are in relationship to the center of mass of the rigid bodies.  But that's not settled.  I need to come up with some good tests, and maybe I'm out of ideas for the day.

Asymetric non-collision: if either body is set to non-collision with the other one, no collision will occur for either body.
Looking at my old videos on Youtube.  I thought I'd be embarrassed but I don't think they're bad.  Was playing the 0401 Bliss Lupin demo on 1440p and it kept freezing.  Froze right at the moment of maximum bikini transparency with me staring at dead-on at cooch for a few seconds.  That transparency is a lot more noticeable in freeze frame.  Oh well, no Youtube flags yet.
Burning Motion Test with Effects on youtube…

WIP demo/motion test of the model, who I have decided to christen "Tda 0402 Sydney Ukiyo".  Burning is a song by Umetora.  Motion is by Ayachi.  Camera is by Ichigo milk.  Stage is stage(1) by Tansioye-- but just the floor texture, it's all I needed.

No edits to motion, although this video would benefit from some.  Part of the point of this is as a motion test.  Couldn't keep myself from editing the camera; Ichigo's FOVs are way too extreme for my taste, although I very much appreciate Ichigo making it available for use.

Couldn't help myself using a few other effects I've made, including a flickering environment map effect (… ) and my procedural volumetric fog shader that has to be babysat (… ).  In the gif preview above, I use Flicker to create the burning reflection in Sydney's eyes.

Also used Excellent Shadow, Autoluminous, and SvSSAO.  Those are sort of my go-to trio, but SvDOF makes it in there sometimes too.  Blurring is magical make-look-good stuff, but it obscures too much detail.

I am at the point where every time I open the model file, I break nearly as much as I fix.  I am also at the point where when I load the model, I get more wrapped up in posing and making scenes than in doing the work I originally intended.  I heard that a precision wood carver was once asked, "How do you know when you're done?"  The carver answered, "When they take it away from me."  I can certainly understand that feeling, but I'm not good enough for that yet; instead I know I'm done when I stop making progress.

Not intended as a great video, but as a model test.  Any feedback/criticism  regarding specific strengths or weaknesses of the model as shown are greatly appreciated.  Criticism is hard to take but it can be very useful; if anybody wants to make me really happy, tell me something good and tell me something bad.  Don't worry, I promise not to bite.
I know nobody cares about cooking, but I'm better at cooking than I am at making models or programming effects :)

Making bread at home isn't particularly difficult.  There's a learning curve, to be sure.  But the process itself is relatively quick, relatively easy.

The main thing about making bread that sucks is planning ahead.  Even for a basic, tasteless loaf, you need to think about it four hours before it's ready.  And the reality is, that's going to be a crappy loaf of bread.  You read recipes for four-day baguettes, but who thinks ahead four days, besides Martha Stewart?

The essence of bread is microbiology.  And it's not just yeast.  Yeast helps, but your yeast is going to kill itself off long before you have tasty dough.  It's other bacteria too, bacteria that just hang out everywhere.  Lactobacillus is what I've read.  These bacteria won't give your bread a good rise like your yeast does, but they don't kill themselves off either, and their poop is what makes bread taste good.  It's just that it takes, like, four days to get enough natural Lactobacillus poop for a good loaf of bread.  There's no line between sourdough and non-sourdough.  All bread is sourdough, it's just a matter of how much.  This is part of why bread-maker bread tastes so boring so often.  It's not that there's anything wrong with a breadmaker.  It's just that with all the convenience of a breadmaker, almost nobody bothers to think far enough ahead to let their dough get a good flavor.  (I don't use a bread maker myself though.)

There's a simple technique that you can use that makes all of this a lot easier though, and it's called pate fermentee-- "old dough."  Next time you make bread, make about half again as much dough as you plan to use.  Then, when you form your rolls/loaves/whatever, separate this section off.  Put it in a covered bowl on the counter and leave it overnight.  All of that Lactobacillus will keep working.  In the morning, put it in the freezer.

Now you have some tasty dough.  So the next time you make bread, let this "old dough" thaw, and knead it into your dough.  Give it a little extra yeast, because of all your old dough's yeast will have died off.  Now, you get your twenty-four-hour baguette (or however your taste runs) without having to plan so far ahead.  When you form your loaves, separate out some of the dough for next time.  Every time you make bread, keep some of the dough, let it ferment some extra time, then freeze it.

Is it safe to let dough sit around?  Yeah, and it's how you make bread.  Without germs, there's no good bread.  Even if your bread happens to grow something pathogenic-- unlikely, since pathogens like our bodies, not gluten-- you end up cooking bread to a far higher internal temperature than you would something like meat.  Don't worry about the germs too much.  Germs are like people.  Sometimes they suck.  Sometimes they're really cool.


United States
Playing with MMD. Not much of an artist, but I enjoy myself.

Have written a few tutorials for LearnMMD at… ; I will probably write a few more in the future.

Still tend to the R-18 side of things. Helps me maintain my interest.

Always happy to help people learn anything they can. If you're having problems with an MMD model, and you don't know why, please feel free to send me a note. It's usually a good idea to send a link to the bugged model as well. (But I don't just fix things. I don't believe in that. Instead, I'll help you understand what's wrong, and how to fix it yourself.)

Big believer that we all benefit from each others' art and tools, which is why I think it's so important to share freely. Anything I make should be considered public domain. No need to credit or attribute, no hair-pulling wondering if your site's ads make you commercial, that shit isn't worth the time when we're just trying to make things beautiful. And I strongly encourage all other non-commercial artists to do the same. (Note that since my works are usually derivative, public domain doesn't give you carte blanche with a lot of things I make. For instance, Twindrills forbids commercial use of Teto.)


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Thanks for the watch!
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Of course!  Thanks for making a bunch of cool effects that I'll probably try and fail to recreate!
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hey im sorry to bother you but i saw you help someone a while ago with a rigging problem and im wondering if you can take a look at my model. im having a lot of trouble rigging it as im fairly new to weighting  
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017
Hey, I just came back from a long break.  If you still want help, I'm always happy to help people learn, but I don't do stuff for them.  If you want some help with rigging/skinning MMD models, feel free to send a message and tell me what you want help with!
RozuDev Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016   General Artist
how to stretch and shorten bones?
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Assuming I understand you correctly, probably your best bet is to use PMXE transform window to scale bones.  Check out… for more info.
RozuDev Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016   General Artist
i don't find this
vasilnatalie Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
Well, I might not be understanding you correctly.  But I'm talking about the fourth section of that article, "Use the PMXE transform window to edit proportions."  It details how to use the scale function of PMXE to scale the mesh by individual bones.
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